A conversation with “Cherprang Areekul Library’s project owner” When idol’s positive energy passed to her fans is forwarded to the public.

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“Cherprang Areekul” Idol and Scientist of BNK48
กรกฎาคม 10, 2018
Cherprang Unlocked
พฤศจิกายน 23, 2018
ห้องสมุดเฌอปราง ,Cherprang Library

A conversation with Cherprang Areekul Librarys project owner

When idols positive energy passed to her fans is forwarded to the public.


Original Content: Online Station (https://www.onlinestation.net/anime/view/114674)

English Translation: Chersubs Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/CherSubs/)


ห้องสมุดเฌอปราง ,Cherprang Library

For those who have been following idol industry or to be more specific, BNK48, might have heard about Cherprang Library project before from many sources but the information might not be so accurate and then it went quiet for a while. A few day ago, the trend has returned that the library is finished, according to Idol OK Rebirth” Facebook page. OS (Online Station) is interested in this meaningful project that quietly started.

ห้องสมุดเฌอปราง ,Cherprang Library

And no one could give us proper and accurate information like Mr.K (alias), the project owner.


This project started after Shonichi concert Mr.K who were flying somewhere replied back after sending me a dozen of picture to me via Line application.


I didnt settle the budget at the time so I tried to find some by selling my UR (Ultra Rare) and SSR (Super Special Rare) photos. I was able to sell the UR photo by auction. So I combined that with my personal fund

ห้องสมุดเฌอปราง ,Cherprang Library

For those who are in BNK48’s market group on Facebook or use Twitter might recognize that there were posts of Mr.K’s collection up for sale. To get rid of misunderstanding and to be accurate, only the UR was sold.
SSR is still up for sale and the budget for this project is 6figure.”
Mr.K answered my first question and that also answer people who also had the same question.

ห้องสมุดเฌอปราง ,Cherprang Library ห้องสมุดเฌอปราง ,Cherprang Library

Surely, the library would reach its maximum capability when there is someone who really need it. So Mr.K decided to construct the library in countryside that lacks opportunities and resources. Cherprang Areekul Library was built at Ban Pah Dad school, Amphoe Santisuk, Nan province. However, facing obstacles and issues during construction process was normal but in the end it went well. The main obstacle was probably the distance and communication between departments but with helps I received, everything went well

ห้องสมุดเฌอปราง ,Cherprang Library

Mr.K told us that he had been flying back and forth in order to deal with different teams and organizations alone by himself because he didn’t want to bother anyone. However, he received many helps and cooperations from Cherprang’s fans who knew about this project such as Cherheart BNK48 Facebook page that donated 3 computers, and the donation from the profit of selling the celebration t-shirt of World Senbatsu 39th ranking by Cherprang BNK48 Fanclub and Vote for Cher Facebook page, it was converted to 3 computers as well. They will be installed at the library soon.


ห้องสมุดเฌอปราง ,Cherprang Library ห้องสมุดเฌอปราง ,Cherprang Library

Even if the library is open now but it is not finished yet. Mr.K is still flying back and forth to work on it as usual. (Red text) The most important resources for the library such as books are still not enough.” So he decided to bring this topic to Cherosquare (Cherprang’s fans chat group). Theres no limitation. Kids in this school are primary or middleschool students who are prepping for exams. And during weekends, there will be college and highschool students using this library for study too. Since it is a community school, I have discussed with the director of this school and in conclusion, the library will be open for the community as well in some period in order to spread knowledge to the community as much as possible.”

มะปราง,ต้นมะปราง,ห้องสมุดเฌอปราง ,Cherprang Library


Ma Prang tree. (As Cherprang means Ma Prang Tree)


Cherprang once stated that she has become an idol because she wants to be able to talk about Science with more listeners. In other words, this is the action that truly answer her will. If Science is learning, experimenting, curiosity, or questioning things that you don’t understand, spreading knowledge throughout the community is one way of reinforcing the roots of sustainable learning which, in the future, would create people who are bold to question and search for new things to improve themselves and their community.


The reason behind this project is to make her name last long in Thailand, not only last with BNK48s fame.”


Mr.K left with this phrase

It all started with this idea in mind




For those who want to donate or give away your books please send them directly to this address


Receiver: Director Sairung Samoeh. Call 0847409754. Ban Pah Dad school, Moo 9, District: Phong, Amphoe: Santisuk, Province: Nan 55210


Now, books for primary school kids, literatures and also tools and toys for learning for primary school are in need.


**We are not receiving old magazines or outdated computers books (from 56 years ago)**


Link for already donated books….



For more information please contact Cherprang BNK48 Fanclub and House of Cherodinger Facebook page. **There are people who can coordinate with Mr.K**


Thank you Mr.K for sharing the information including pictures from the actual place.

Original Content: Online Station (https://www.onlinestation.net/anime/view/114674)

English Translation: Chersubs Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/CherSubs/)

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